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26 August 2008 @ 12:15 pm
So, the last time I updated was in July...So, I figured now would be a good time to update. =]

I'm sitting outside of my Sociology class waiting for it to start.. Mind you its about 40 minutes from starting and people are already walking in and sitting. I SWEAR IF ANYONE TAKES MY SPOT I'LL KILL THEM. I love my spot, I get to hear all the boys around me make stupid jokes and I snicker with them. But I love the teacher, they don't. =|

ANYWHO, college is very.... school-ish. If I had a better way to describe it, I would say it. I love my Medical Terminologies class, I always sit and laugh at the jokes I make in my head then tell the cute boy next to me and we snicker together. Oh, this boy went to my school and I dun think a relationship between us would work... So, yeah. =\

LMAO I JUST REALIZED I'VE ENDED EVERY PARAGRAPH WITH A DIFFERENT SMILEY. lolololol And Cody got a hair cut before DWTS and I love it. And I hate everyone that doesn't. Except for Splash because she's weird. =D

I'm getting so far behind in math already. Everytime I sit down to catch up on it, I get distracted or I take forever on one problem and then after about 30 minutes I'm sick of it. =[

And My hair looked super presh this morning. It was the crazy out of control waves and I didn't even touch my hair because I was so fond of them. Yes, I went to school without brushing my hair or putting it into a ponytail. Which bring me to my next subject matter, I think no matter where I go and no matter who knows me, it'll shock them when my hair is down. I went to work the other day with my hair down and Julie was like "OMG HAYLEY, YOU'RE HAIR IS DOWN" I was like "...Uh, yeah, I wear it down a lot in the morning because it's cute in the morning if I've showered the night before rather then in the morning..." And she's all "LOL OH"

I'm considering getting a hair-cut and giving myself som swooshy bangs, but Idk It may make my face rounder and less presh. Yes, I just said my face is presh. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not the most hideous person on the face of the earth. As Kim said I have a bit of a "baby-face" which is cool I guess. But my hair and eyes are sexy as fuck so I don't care what anyone says. But I have the getz nose and I have like... no lips.

And some boy just sat next to me on the ground... I'm creeped. He looks like he's ten, I should say hi... But I won't because he's the creep who sat next to me. He's reading a World of Warcraft book... brb loling

MORE PEOPLE JUST ENTERED THE DAMN CLASSROOM. I think everyone is in there, I really do.

Anyway, I took a picture of myself while driving, so I'll put the picture up later

4 8 15 16 23 42missdelaney0804 on August 27th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
WoW? omg i'm dying.
Hayleyhyls44 on August 27th, 2008 04:18 am (UTC)
lololol ikr? He reminded me of a half black keifer tbh.